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Gosain Baganer Bhoot (Bengali)

Gosain Baganer Bhoot (Bengali) 2011 Full Movie Download

About Movie

A small boy named Burun t was held impossible to the common eye and surprised the whole town. But did he achieve those miraculous feats all by himself? Yes, he did, only with a wee bit of help from Nidhiram, a friendly ghost from the deep jungle of Gosainbagan. When Burun got only thirteen marks for maths in his final exam he was completely heart broken. Life became very difficult for him after that because his parents became awfully strict. So one day he ran away to the Gosainbagan jungle. There he met Nidhiram the Ghost who soon became Nidhida for Burun. When Burun returned home, their friendship continued to grow and life became very entertaining and soon the impossible became a reality.

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Sourav Ray
Sourav Ray

Disappointing... Devastating! 7 years ago

The story had such tremendous potential. But alas! It actually takes immense talent to dish out a movie that is so preposterously bad - extremely poor direction, shoddy and outdated special effects, ridiculous costumes and serious overacting have completely killed this movie. None of the characters have been given the treatment they deserve. Film-makers should not "fool" the audience with such poor-quality work. If only this script were to fall into the right set of hands...